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Feast of St. Nicholas will integrate social media, a strong proactive web presence that integrates the opportunities to connect with the audience, cross promote film, graphic novels and other erchandising
opportunities, etc.

The Film

An Army vet who hosts a hit TV show debunking paranormal phenomena investigates his father's death, uncovering a terrifying mythical creature controlled by the political family that dominates his hometown.

Producer - Evan Kozlow

evanWith 20 years of experience in politics and government, Filibuster Filmworks Partner Evan Kozlow has worked as a screenwriter on several scripts, including The Prince, a political drama. He also is a Partner at Revolution Agency, where he has specialized in writing and producing high impact television and radio ads, direct mail pieces and online communications. Evan has designed and managed multi-million dollar communications programs and has planned and directed both film and photo shoots across the United States.

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Producer/Co-Screeenwriter - Michael Eging

michaelAs a screenwriter his first option in 2008 was Song of Roland, a medieval epic based on the French national epic La Chanson de Roland. He has also completed the World War II action thriller Blood Money. Eging co-wrote Feast of St. Nicholas with Steve Arnold. Currently, Eging is also crafting additional projects including The Prince with Evan Kozlow, a modern tale of corruption and power set in Washington, DC, and the novel adaptation of Song of Roland entitled The Champion's Gambit: A Song of Roland.

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Executive Producer - William Nix

willsuitnewWilliam Nix is also Chairman of the Creative Projects Group, which operates as a creative incubator for the development and production of motion pictures, television programs, music, interactive videogames, live entertainment, multimedia installations and events. He is the Producer of Gibran, a biographical dramatic feature film based on the life and work of Kahlil Gibran. The film is currently in pre-production development. Nix is also serving as producer of a related multicity tour of an art exhibit featuring Gibran’s paintings and drawings, for which an accompanying art book will be curated
and released by the prestigious Skira Rizzoli publishing house.

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Director - Gary J. Tunnicliffe

Director Gary J. Tunnicliffe has agreed, in principle, to direct Feast of St. Nicholas. Filibuster Filmworks is currently in negotiations regarding the specific terms of the engagement.

As Gary has indicated to the Producers, "I've been offered several projects over the last few years, but everything was so derivative and uninspiring. I've been waiting years for the right project to come along – something I can focus all my years of experience into. Something that I can craft and utilize to reach out to talented colleagues and "cash in" on the host of favors I have amassed. The Feast of St. Nicholas is that project."

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