About Us

Filibuster Filmworks, LLC, a limited liability company, is an independent production company founded by Evan Kozlow, Michael Eging, and William Nix.

Evan Kozlow

Michael Eging

William Nix

Filibuster Filmworks is more than an independent film production company. We are the next generation of storytelling, with a focus on:

  • Developing and producing films that resonate with both domestic and international audiences
  • Creating a social media presence that integrates the opportunities to interact with the audience and cross promote film projects – for example when there is a graphic novel and other creative merchandising opportunities across platforms.
  • Introducing audiences to a new, horrific creature, a beast created early American mythos with an insatiable appetite for human flesh.
  • Maintaining strong management control over production to obtain the best quality
  • Pursuing independent production financing to ensure the best possible relationships with distributors, thereby maximizing returns to the investors