Story telling can take many forms, from feature film to web-based series and shorts, to print and electronic graphic novels.These modes of communication reach into the lives of the audience in a very intimate and intense fashion. Filibuster Filmworks is committed to creating the next generation of powerful and compelling storylines, characters and creatures that will entertain and enthrall generations of moviegoers to come. Whether in horror, political drama, action/adventure, fantasy or science fiction – Filibuster Filmworks has a tale to tell for everyone.

Spotlight Project

feastlogowhite100An Army vet who hosts a hit TV show debunking paranormal phenomena investigates his father's death, uncovering a terrifying mythical creature controlled by the political family that dominates his hometown.

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Upcoming Projects

When a military live fire test goes horribly wrong, an Army officer returns from combat only to find himself in the fight of his life against his long time best friend to expose political corruption at the highest levels of government.

Written by two experienced political operatives, this film explores the realities of power and corruption that can engulfthose who seek power and influence. This feature film also pays homage to the "Bullit" chase sequence. (Script in development)

In Medieval France, a young knight in service to King Charlemagne, seeks proof of his father's murder as he fights to defend the kingdom from invaders, and finds himself in a legendary battle that transforms him into a timeless hero. Based on the historical incident, the Battle of Roncevaux Pass on 15 August 778. (Script Complete)

In the turbulent days leading up to WWII, Jack Kiswell, a young FBI agent, and his partner while investigating a gangland murder uncover a Nazi plot to extort the mob, fund a spy cell operating in the United States and attack the American government to keep it from entering the war.(Script Complete)

This gritty, science fiction series explores survival beyond the "life-line," where the only hope for survival lies in the ingenuity of the deep space colonists and the gray gunmetal of a heavy combat unit scheduled to stand down once the new world is terra-formed. In this crucible heated by interstellar empires and hidden agendas, these pioneers reflect the trials and tribulations that our society grapples with daily and reflect all our foibles, ambitions, faults and virtues.