Michael Eging - Founder/Principal

michaelAs a screenwriter his first option in 2008 was Song of Roland, a medieval epic based on the French national epic La Chanson de Roland. He has also completed the World War II action thriller Blood Money. Eging co-wrote Feast of St. Nicholas with Steve Arnold. Currently, Eging is also crafting additional projects including The Prince with Evan Kozlow, a modern tale of corruption and power set in Washington, DC, and the novel adaptation of Song of Roland entitled The Champion's Gambit: A Song of Roland.

In addition, he has multiple additional feature film scripts in development with both Steve Arnold and Evan Kozlow. 

A partner at Upstream Consulting, based in Washington, DC, Eging began his career as professional staff in the US Senate. With a focus on domestic health care policy, he spent the next decade leading the policy and federal government affairs efforts for a multinational company. In 2006, Eging transitioned to innovative smaller companies preparing to launch new products for the first time.

In his professional pursuits, Eging has developed a reputation as a problem solver and creative thinker – often tasked with developing and executing public affairs initiatives seeking solutions to challenging issues. Eging has a strong understanding of marketing and promotion, participating in and leading teams within multibillion-dollar international organizations.